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Josh Holloway Famous As James “Sawyer” From Lost Series




The famous “Lost” star Josh Lee Holloway is an American actor, model and producer who has been in many movies and was an integral part of the famous series “Lost”. His character James Sawyer has won many awards and Josh Holloway currently stars on the science fiction drama known as “Colony”.

Josh Holloway Biography:

Josh Holloway (11)Josh Holloway in LOST

Early/ Personal Life of Josh Holloway:

Josh Holloway was born in San Jose, California. He was the son of a nurse mother and a surveyor father. Later they moved to Georgia when he was two and he spent his childhood there. Due to financial restraints he had to leave University of Georgia. At the end of the last season of Lost he proposed to his long time girlfriend Yessica Kumala. The couple married in 2004 and has two children.

Josh Holloway (10)Some interesting facts about Josh Holloway:

Below listed are some interesting facts about Josh Holloway that you might be not aware of. We are here to share these facts with you so that you get to know more about your favorite Hollywood star, Josh Holloway.

  • Do you know that he is related to the Baptist preacher Dr. Dale Holloway.
  • Josh Holloway also shares the kinship with the famous author and World War II prisoner Carl Holloway.
  • As a child he faced poverty and grew up in a trailer.
  • His first job was to pick dead chickens on a farm.
  • Did you know that he was seen in the 1994 video “Cryin” by Aerosmith. He played the role of a snatcher. In the video he was eventually caught by the victim and was beaten.
  • Josh Holloway along with his wife was robbed in 2005. The robbers took their credit cards and Mercedes-Benz. Though the car was recovered later.
  • Josh Holloway is also famous for his love of beer. He said “I do enjoy my beer” and considers the greatest invention of all time was “distilled alcohol”.
  • Every child has his favorite to become when he grows up. Josh had his. He wanted to become a pilot.
  • Josh Holloway had admitted to have worked in odd photo shoots before getting his big break.
  • Josh Holloway related his real self to the character of Sawyer. He said “There’s definitely an intense anger that I have inside, and I don’t know where it came from”.
  • He met his wife a bar. He approached Yessica’s friend. She was standing behind him and she looked at him up and down and said “Give me your number before you leave”. The couple was married after some years.

So there are some very little known facts about Josh Holloway that you might like to know.

Josh Holloway (8)

Josh Holloway (7)Josh Holloway body

Josh Holloway (6)

Josh Holloway (5)Josh Holloway an American actor, model and producer

Josh Holloway (4)Josh Holloway in beard

Josh Holloway (3)

Josh Holloway (2)Josh Holloway in Lost Series

Josh Holloway (1)Josh Holloway Pictures

Josh Holloway

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