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Milla Jovovich A Ukrainian-Born American Actress, Model, Musician, And Fashion Designer




There are many Hollywood actresses who have inspired us to our hearts, some through their action thrillers while others with their sweet romantic roles. A girl in an action is tougher than any other role. The lady we are talking about here has done some amazing action roles, named named Milica Bog danovna Milla Jovovich. She was born in Ukraine on December, 17th 1975. Milla Jovovich is not only an actress, rather a fashion designer, model and a musician as well. Most of her appearance is in action and science fictions movies.

Milla Jovovich (2)More about Milla Jovovich:

Early Life        

Milla Jovovich’s father was a doctor when he met her mother. At early childhood Milla lived in Russia, and then her parents had to move due to some political issues. They travelled to London, from London to California and then from California to Los Angeles where they finally settled. They did housekeeping there but the couple soon got divorced.

Milla Jovovich got a tough time in her childhood as she was bullied in school for being a Russian. She was an impulsive teenager and was engaged in drug use. As she grew up Milla Jovovich maintained her personality by being a naturalized citizen. She left school from 7th grade and focused on modeling.

Fact: Milla Jovovich was brought up by a single mother as her father was prisoned for five years. This was the reason for their divorce as well.

Personal Life:

In 1992 Milla Jovovich married Shawn Andrews but their marriage was annulled by her mom after two months. After that she lived with Stuart Zender for a year. Then she dated a photographer for two years. In 1997 Milla Jovovich married Luc Besson. The couple got divorced in 1999. Currently Milla Jovovich is married to Paul W. S. Anderson. Both got married in 2009 and now they have two daughters named Ever Gabo and DashielEdan.

Modeling Career:

The very well-known Zombie Hunter had been on a Thai magazine cover since she was 11. Yes right! Milla Jovovich started modeling at very young age and accommodated on a magazine cover at the age of 11. Her movie career also started when she was a teenager. At the age of 12 Milla Jovovich had signed her first contract as a professional model. She has been a part of the companies that a model will crave to work for which includes Banana Republic, Christian Dior, Damiani, Donna Karan, Gap, Versace, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Coach, Giorgio Armani, H&M, Revlon, Jacob & Co, Prada, Varsace, Mango andL’Oréal cosmetics.

Fact: Milla Jovovich avoids junk foods and prefers to cook for herself.

Milla Jovovich resident evil starMilla Jovovich Acting Career:

  • Milla Jovovich did her debut on Disney Chanel in a movie The Night Train to Kathmandu in 1988.
  • In movies she did her debut at the age of 12 as a supporting actress in Two Moon Junction.
  • Milla Jovovich did numerous supporting role and then finally appeared as a lead actress against Bruce Willis in a sci-fi movie The fifth Element which was a blockbuster in 1997.
  • Other movies she appeared in are The Million Dollar Hotel (2000), The Claim (2000), Zoolander (2001) and Dummy (2002).
  • Resident Evil in 2002 took her to another step towards success. She appeared in all of its sequels.
  • Milla Jovovich hit the big screen once again by appearing in Ultraviolet in 2006.

Milla Jovovich (6)Milla Jovovich Fashion Designing:

Milla Jovovich did fashion designing as well along with her partner Carmen Hawk. Her line was named Jovovich-Hawk Clothing which was highly praised and appreciated. It last for four years then she worked with other people in designing and even designed her own outfit of resident evil. After that she quit this business saying:

“I am an artist and cannot handle these shipping rates and taxes etc”.

Fact: Milla Jovovich has been writing a private diary since childhood. She took this habit from her mother

Milla Jovovich Music Career:

Milla Jovovich first album was The Divine Comedy which was released in 1994. She continued writing and singing. A lot of her songs have been a part of movies. She also plays guitar. Milla Jovovich’s songs are also available on her website for free downloading and listening. Log on to her website for more.

Milla Jovovich eyesMilla Jovovich the Resident Evil Star

Milla Jovovich (5)  Milla Jovovich short hairMilla Jovovich (7)

Milla Jovovich (8)Milla Jovovich eyes

Milla Jovovich (9)Milla Jovovich posing

Milla Jovovich (10)Milla Jovovich Pictures

Milla Jovovich hotMilla Jovovich hot

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