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Bon Jovi An American Rock Band From Sayreville




Bon Jovi, the founder of the famous band in the rock music is still alive with all its exuberance. Their mesmerizing performances and voices that stir spontaneous overflow of emotions are still remembered by many people and even today the music played by them is enjoyed. Bon Jovi’s music consists of ‘hard rock’, ‘glam metal’, ‘arena rock’ and ‘pop rock’. Bon Jovi is famous for his extraordinary stage performances and has revolutionized the music. The departure from the classic music and the introduction of the new genres welcomed Bon Jovi with zeal and was accepted wholeheartedly. Jon Bovi is the founder of this band and his group members David Bryan and Tico Torres are the oldest members in this band that have been in this band since its formation that is 1983.

Below are some interesting facts about him that you might not be aware of.

Bon Jovi (1)Bon Jovi short hair

Bon Jovi Interesting Facts:

  • Before Bon Jovi, the name was finalized for the band they were going for Johnny Electric. It was due to the advice of the friend who suggested them to follow Van Halen’s example and use their founder’s last name as their Band’s name. In this way Jon Bon Jovi gave the name Jon Bovi to their group.
  • Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel “Fahrenheit 451” inspired the name of his album “7800 Fahrenheit”. This album marked the standard and many singers began to match this meeting point of rock music.Bon Jovi (3)
  • Bon Jovi is the world’s highest selling musician who has sold more than 130 million albums all over the world.
  • Bon Jovi’s work is not limited to entertainment. He founded The Bon Jovi Soul foundation that works for the families who are needy and have fallen in an economic debacle. It was founded in 2006 and fulfills the needs of the poor families.
  • In 2001 Jovi was given an honorary Doctorate of Humanities.
  • Did you know that Bon Jovi skipped school after realizing his musical prowess? Bon Jovi used to miss school just to practice music.
  • Bon Jovi was part of the Star Wars where he sang the famous song of all ages “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. This was his first professional recording.
  • In this way Bon Jovi continues to climb the stairs of success and even today he is remembered and his songs are enjoyed by many people.

 Bon Jovi (2)  Bon Jovi band membersBon Jovi (4)Bon Jovi wallpapers

Bon Jovi (5)Bon Jovi lead vocalist

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Bon Jovi (8)Bon Jovi a rock band of all times

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