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Jessica Alba an American actress and model




Jessica Alba, the young and courageous Hollywood actress and entrepreneur was born on 28 April 1981 in Pomona, California. Jessica started her career in Hollywood from her role in a comedy movie, Camp Nowhere. Then she sprang to the spotlight of stardom by her role in TV series Dark Angel and then continued appearing in many commercials, TV shows and Movies.

Jessica Alba (9)Some facts regarding Jessica Alba:

Early Life:

  • Jessica Alba, a known Hollywood actress was born in Pomona in a US Air Force member’s home. Her parents had roots from a diverse background.
  • Being a daughter of US Air force member, Jessica Alba moved to many places during her upbringing and she finally settled in California where she started her career as an actress.
  • Jessica Alba got talent and courage from her parents and learned to be remarkable in every field. She brought her to spotlight by her undeniable skills and talent.

Jessica Alba (3)Jessica Alba As an actress:

  • Jessica Alba started her career from a comedy movie Camp Nowhere, and then she appeared in another famous comedy movie the secret World of Alex.
  • She continued rolling in to stardom and did many commercials, modeling and shows.
  • Jessica Alba kept appearing in many movies like Dark Angel, The EYE, and the Good Luck Chunk, Flipper, Into the Blues, Fantastic Four, suo storm and many more.
  • Jessica Alba has also won many awards for her marvelous acting. Her amazing and distinct style gave her fame take her higher in Hollywood galaxy. She made her remarkable by her struggle and effort.

Jessica Alba (5)Jessica Alba Personal Life and Marriage:

  • Jessica Alba proved herself a very loving wife as well as a very caring mother.
  • She met her husband Cash Warren first time on a movie set when she was casting Fantastic four.
  • She started dating him and soon they got married and settled together.
  • Jessica Alba gave birth to a baby girl Marie Warren 7 June 2008.
  • She successfully carried her career as an actress, as an entrepreneur and life as a mother and a wife together.
  • Now the Jessica Aba is not just known as an actress but her motherhood inspires her to be much more.
  • Jessica Alba built a huge business empire and known among world’s top female entrepreneurs.
  • She stood a one billion dollars business Empire alone by her struggle.
  • Her efforts Highlighted her not only in Hollywood stars Galaxy but also in business world. Jessica Alba became youngest business lady in a very young age and proved herself strong and successful.

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