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Lionel Messi An Argentine Footballer




Lionel Messi is probably the famous name that is known even by those who are not the followers of football game. The 29 year old player shares some of his life events with the famous Diego Maradona. Lionel Messi rapidly rose from club’s ranks to an international field where his style of playing was appreciated. He gave his country many wins and even today he is identified as one of the greatest players that this game has.

Lionel Messi (4)More about Lionel Messi:

There are few people who do not know about Lionel Messi’s personal life.  He was diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency that hindered his growth at the tender age of 11. As a result of this disease he suffered from lower immunity and poor vision. The only way that was possible to induce growth was the injection of human growth hormone. He said:

“I had to start a treatment to help me to grow. Every night I had to stick a needle into my legs, night after night after night, every day of the week, and this over a period of three years.”

His childhood is a story of an excruciating pain.

Lionel Messi (3)Lionel Messi Career:

Soon after coming out of this disease many were impressed by his style of playing. The authorities wanted to sign him right away. The technical team rushed to make a contract paper but nearest available substitute was a napkin. Yes, it sounds unbelievable but it is true. Despite this Lionel Messi signed his first contract.

Lionel Messi debut lasted for 44 seconds. In 2005 Lionel Messi played against Hungary. He was sent as a substitute and 44 seconds later he was shown the red card for elbowing the opponent. While remembering the match Nicky Salapu said:

“Lionel Messi is sitting in the corner of the Argentina dressing room in the FerencPuskas Stadium. His head is in his hands, tears are in his eyes. It is not supposed to end like this.”

Lionel Messi (5)Lionel Messi Some facts:

  • The Leo Messi Foundation was founded by Lionel Messi in 2007.
  • Lionel Messi is famous for philanthropist works.
  • This foundation works for the treatment of unhealthy children and their food expenses.
  • Lionel Messi donated $812,000 for the re-establishment of the hospital in his hometown that now saves the lives of many children every year.

The players like Lionel Messi set good examples for people to follow. His charitable works and his own medical condition in childhood inspires many to strive and fight against the diseases and rise like Lionel Messi.

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